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We Turn Blockchain into Business Results

Chainyard, a leader in blockchain consulting, is a dynamic team of blockchain enthusiasts with the expertise, process, and technology required to develop world-class business and software solutions. With a focus on enterprise use cases, Chainyard is helping companies navigate blockchain by working with them to identify value, prioritize opportunities and develop solutions.

Chainyard offers education, technical workshops, architecture assessments, business systems solution design, user interface design, continuous integration and delivery pipelines, operational impact assessments, network support services, consortium building, governance models and other activities that are critical to enabling a business to participate in a decentralized ecosystem.

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More Than A Typical Delivery Shop

It’s commonplace to see our team members reading the latest research papers, developing prototypes, collaborating on client deliverables, working overtime to meet critical deadlines or traveling to meet other Blockchain enthusiasts. When you get to know us, you’ll come to find we are much more than a typical delivery shop.

We make sure that everything we do is done with a customer focus and with a guarantee of quality deliverables. We do this by defining engagement success via their business value (outcomes). We are not satisfied with any deliverable until the customer is satisfied. Our goal is to make sure each of our clients and the companies they work for succeed.

We are looking for creative, passionate people to join our team.

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