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user, April 5, 2024

Originally published on LinkedIn and written by Chainyard CTO Mohan Venkataraman. Read the full article.

The article discusses the increasing interest in and adoption of generative AI, particularly following the release of Chat GPT in November 2022. It emphasizes the importance of responsible and ethical implementation of AI technologies, considering their potential social impact, security issues, and cost implications. Enterprises are about utilizing generative AI for various purposes such as gaining insights, generating reports, negotiating contracts, and making predictions.

The article proposes leveraging Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLTs), such as blockchain, to establish a reliable AI service within enterprises. It presents a conceptual view of the enterprise AI/ML stack, highlighting the role of DLTs in providing a trust layer. The actors involved in AI/ML solutions, including users, models, and prompts, are discussed along with their attributes and challenges.

Furthermore, the article outlines a DLT-enabled trust protocol for enterprise AI, focusing on user trust and model assurance, model registration, lifecycle management, and runtime authentication and recording. It emphasizes the importance of ensuring users’ trust in AI models and the reliability of generated insights.

In conclusion, the article underscores the significance of DLTs in governing responsible AI usage and facilitating model lifecycle management, with practical consulting and implementation services provided by companies like Chainyard. The author invites feedback and comments for further improvement.

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