Identifying the best ways to gain value from digital transformation

Chainyard Digital Transformation Consulting brings the power of a design thinking approach to create improved experiences and operations by combining innovative thinking with transformational technologies including Blockchain, Cloud Computing, DevOps, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Automation and Cyber Security.

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Digital Transformation Consulting

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We work with our clients to develop a digital transformation strategy for their business to drive value, reduce cost, eliminate friction, and create new revenue models.


We have a plethora of experience architecting, developing, and implementing real-world digital transformation for some of the largest companies in the world.


We provide our clients with a complete view of the network technical operations landscape and work with them to integrate into their existing operational systems

Cloud migration of a blockchain-based platform

Reduced cloud operation costs and increased flexibility by migrating a blockchain-based platform to a cloud-agnostic architecture. Our client is an operator of an open-source blockchain-based distributed ledger platform, powered by Hyperledger fabric, to infuse efficiency, transparency, and security into regulatory reporting for its members. The platform’s dependency on a specific cloud provider with high operational […]

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End-to-End Platform and Network Security Implementation and Compliance

Multi-dimensional Security: Every aspect of security required for a blockchain-based supplier information platform & network. Our client, a technology solutions provider, is building a blockchain-based supplier information management solution and the associated consortium. They needed help in implementing a scalable, extensible, and reliable solution that addresses data, application, physical, system, and network security requirements. Chainyard […]

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Digital Classroom

Digital Classrooms/Education: A technology major transformed classroom activity management and remote education.

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