Transformed customer experience with a unified user interface for PC games

user, June 3, 2022

PC gamers can easily explore, play, and manage a library of games from different platforms in a single application with a unified user interface and transformed user experience.

PC has become the consistent top platform over the years, rising from 48% of current game development in 2013 to 63% in 2022. – Source: State of the Gaming Industry, 2022

Our client, a global PC and Devices manufacturer, wanted to leverage an opportunity of providing a value-added service to its PC users with a unified user interface connecting different gaming providers. Chainyard, as an extended development team, developed the user interface with modern UI frameworks and integrated with leading gaming platforms such as Epic Games, Steam, Xbox, etc.,


  • Enhanced customer experience with an easy-to-use unified gaming platform interface aggregating different providers and locally installed games
  • Maximizing gaming time by removing the need to switch between stores and interfaces making it easy to manage the library of games
  • Increased cross-sell opportunities for the PC manufacturer by making it easier for PC users to buy required gaming accessories through this value-added service

We are continuing our development engagement with the client, expanding the number of gaming platforms, and enhancing the user interface.

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