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Contract Resources Procurement

A global IT firm reduced contract resources on-boarding time and invoice processing costs with a blockchain-based technology solution.

Contract resource procurement in enterprises, from work order creation to approval of logged hours to invoicing, is a process involving multiple stakeholders and often results in additional overhead due to non-compliance, disputes and blocked invoices. Learn how we helped a global IT services firm to totally eliminate blocked invoices, automate invoice generation and reduce cost of invoice processing by 50% with a solution built on blockchain technology.

Trust Your Supplier (TYS)

Building a blockchain network and a consortium to transform supplier on-boarding and maintenance process for enterprises.

As enterprises look to improve communication and relationships with their suppliers, the process of on-boarding and maintenance of suppliers becomes a stumbling block due to fragmented information sources and technological gaps across the stakeholders. Locating quality suppliers and assessing regulatory risks becomes a cumbersome, time consuming process, while there is also a duplication of data when each supplier provides their information to each customer. Learn how we created a blockchain network with confidentiality practices to bring together like-minded companies – buyers, suppliers, auditors, certificate issuers, and other third parties – to form this next-generation blockchain network.

IT Asset Management

A global IT firm streamlined its asset management processes with blockchain technology.

Asset tracking is a key business processes for many large enterprises and involves many partners operating independent systems, each with their own view of the asset. Blockchain is a perfect choice to solve the complexities of siloed systems by capturing the status of the asset throughout the life cycle as the asset moves from party to party in the supply chain. Learn how we collaborated with our client, a global IT services and solutions provider, in designing and implementing a blockchain based solution that has created a single source of truth for all partners across the supply chain.

Private Equity Fund Management

A Private Equity firm leveraged blockchain technology to rapidly launch new funds.

Introduction of a Private Equity fund consists of numerous transactions between multiple stakeholders – Investment Advisors, Administrators, General Partners, Regulators, Limited Partners, Banks and others. The current administrative processes often involve multi-party off-line data sharing and duplicate data entries leading to non-transparent and lengthy settlement duration for each fund launch. Learn how we worked with a large IT service provider to leverage blockchain based technology to realize the goals of a US-based global financial services firm to improve the process.

Chainyard MRCL Blockchain Solution

How a non-governmental volunteer organization in the US is improving disaster relief efforts with blockchain technology solution

Miracle Relief Collaboration League (MRCL), a non-governmental volunteer organization in the US, working for natural disaster relief efforts is using the power of blockchain technology to transform the relief efforts. The first phase of the new collaboration software platform, created in blockchain, has been honored by Stevie Awards with a 2019 Silver Medal International Business Award for Community Engagement.

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