Hyperledger Global Forum 2022

user, July 5, 2022

Hyperledger Global Forum is the biggest annual gathering of the worldwide Hyperledger community. This year Global Forum is happening on Sep 12-14 at Dublin, Ireland. Don’t miss to join over 700 Attendees & over 100 Speakers, Keynotes, Business and Tech Tracks & Workshops.

As usual Chainyard team will be speaking at the Global Forum. Chainyard CTO Mohan Venkataraman and VP Gigo Joseph will be sharing experiences about Real-Estate Property Management – Application of NFT, Tokenization, and DeFi.

Real estate and property markets are one area where the concepts of digital titles, real-estate NFTs, and fractional ownership are being explored. At Chainyard, we have been working with real estate clients to help strategize their use-cases and implement solutions. This presentation will highlight various use cases in the real estate domain but focus specifically on one related to a Property Management opportunity we worked on.

You may sign up for the event at the Linux Foundation website

Follow the link to watch Chainyard’s previous year’s sessions at the Hyperledger Global Forum.

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