Event Date : April 28, 2021

Trust Your Supplier is a production Hyperledger Fabric blockchain network, running on the IBM Blockchain Platform, that provides suppliers with a trusted digital passport to streamline on-boarding with their customers. This presentation will provide an overview of the network, discuss the business value to the participants, and highlight why blockchain and the selected governance approach makes this solution better for all the participants (buyers, suppliers, third party validators, and business networks). Please get more details from https://www.trustyoursupplier.com/

Event Date : April 21, 2021

The LYT21 event is the meeting point between the reference companies of the logistics industry and the new technologies that are already revolutionizing this sector. In this second edition of 2021, our mission is to accelerate the digital transformation process in the logistics industry, in a time of crisis where the adoption of the most disruptive technologies to achieve more efficient supply chains, can make the difference between surviving or not in the logistics industry of the future. A future that is already here. To this end, we will make available to everyone, and free for 5 hours, four panels of experts in which we will see real cases of application of the latest technologies to logistics processes. On April 21st (2021) we will learn about these success stories from large companies and SMEs that have already implemented them, startups that have developed these solutions, associations and consulting companies that have driven the digital transformation in the logistics industry.

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