PC gamers can easily explore, play, and manage a library of games from different platforms in a single application with a unified user interface and transformed user experience.

PC has become the consistent top platform over the years, rising from 48% of current game development in 2013 to 63% in 2022. – Source: State of the Gaming Industry, 2022

Our client, a global PC and Devices manufacturer, wanted to leverage an opportunity of providing a value-added service to its PC users with a unified user interface connecting different gaming providers. Chainyard, as an extended development team, developed the user interface with modern UI frameworks and integrated with leading gaming platforms such as Epic Games, Steam, Xbox, Battle.net etc.,


We are continuing our development engagement with the client, expanding the number of gaming platforms, and enhancing the user interface.

Reduced cloud operation costs and increased flexibility by migrating a blockchain-based platform to a cloud-agnostic architecture.

Our client is an operator of an open-source blockchain-based distributed ledger platform, powered by Hyperledger fabric, to infuse efficiency, transparency, and security into regulatory reporting for its members. The platform’s dependency on a specific cloud provider with high operational costs is affecting the member expansion.

89% of the respondents reported having a multi-cloud strategy in a 2022 survey. Cloud-agnostic architecture is the key enabler of the multi-cloud strategy.

Chainyard, as the consulting & development partner, helped the client to meet its objectives by developing a cloud-agnostic architecture and migrating the blockchain-based platform to AWS.


Chainyard is continuing to collaborate with the client in further enhancing the platform and developing the required solutions.

Multi-dimensional Security: Every aspect of security required for a blockchain-based supplier information platform & network.

Our client, a technology solutions provider, is building a blockchain-based supplier information management solution and the associated consortium. They needed help in implementing a scalable, extensible, and reliable solution that addresses data, application, physical, system, and network security requirements. Chainyard has been entrusted with end-to-end responsibility from architecture & design to development & rollout of security solutions for the multi-org platform and the consortium network. The platform obtained GDPR, CCPA, HIPPA, SOC, and PCI compliance certifications.

The solution has been adopted by thousands of buyers in 20+ countries and is planned to be adopted in over 70+ countries.

Digital Classrooms/EducationA technology major transformed classroom activity management and remote education.

Our client, as part of a broader digital agenda, wanted to offer an immersive learning experience and better control by developing classroom management solution for educators and students. In specific, the client wanted to address challenges like inconsistent learning management methods in classrooms, widespread attention difficulties and distractions for students in the classrooms etc. Chainyard played a key role in developing a new classroom and remote education management solution that provides educators and administrators with a comprehensive platform to guide learning, increase collaboration and maximize classroom productivity. 

The new solution enhanced student monitoring and student device control while also improving the communication between teachers and students. 

Digital Transformation with IoTA smart & connected meeting room solution built with a variety of digital technologies. 

Our client, as part of various digital transformation solution initiatives, embarked on creating a collaborative and productivity-enhancing workspace solutions with IoT devices, cloud and data which will significantly transform workspaces across different office campuses. The primary challenge that the client wanted to address was “underutilization of meeting rooms and conference halls”. Chainyard, as a development partner, helped the client in developing a hardware-driven IoT and cloud-based meeting rooms management solution that provides a centralized & connected hub device in each meeting room. 

The transformation solution maximized the utilization of meeting rooms, optimized the size & number of rooms, and enabled increased collaboration & communication between teams. 

Co-developed a transformational PC configuration and management solution for a global PC manufacturer. 

Consumers of our client were facing multiple challenges with their on-board PC configuration management interface. The interface was considered to be a legacy model whereas the expectations were to have a modern browser-based interface experience. Besides, multitude of settings were complex to change and lacked clear guidance to manage configurations. Chainyard, as a development partner to the client, built a one-stop native Universal Windows Platform (UWP) application that enables users to easily manage PC settings and preferences.  

The new UWP application enhanced customer experience while also increasing individual productivity and maximizing PC longevity. Besides, the new interface helped our client to up-sell & cross-sell related products and services. 

A blockchain technology solution connecting the transportation ecosystem 

Our client, a roads and transport authority of a country in the middle east, had to address the challenges of using a legacy system by the police department that caused delays in reporting rental activities data to the rest of national security authorities. Besides there were multiple systems operating in silos resulting in duplication of data. Chainyard, as a prime partner for blockchain solution implementation, developed a de-centralized repository for every rental activity across cities. 

The new blockchain-enabled solution is expected to improve revenue collection, enable & empower agencies, and more importantly increase customer trust significantly. 

Development Operations TransformationNext-gen & Extendible DevOps Orchestration Tool 

Our client institutionalized micro-services architecture & development for most of the projects. However, despite the many eventual advantages of micro-services, the teams were taking longer time and higher effort in building the right environments and composing relevant services for releases due to the multiplicity & complexity of scripts & configurations. Chainyard was given end-to-end responsibility from conceptualizing a self-organizing development process to UX design, system architecture and development. 

We leveraged our deep understanding & experience of cloud, modern development practices, micro-services approach, and CI/CD orchestration in building this modern DevOps Orchestration solution. 

Digital Transformation of Software RecoveryA self-service and cloud-based PC OS recovery solution. 

Our client, a leading PC manufacturer, wanted to address various challenges faced by the consumers when recovering the original PC OS image. Consumers were facing delays in the overall recovery time due to logistics issues or incorrect DVD versions sent at the first instance and the organization was challenged with higher cost of operations and many personnel dedicated to support and manage recovery processes. Chainyard, as an extended team to our client’s team, developed a cloud-based data recovery solution that empowers the end users to independently download device recovery information without the support personnel intervention. 

The self-service solution significantly improved customer experience while also reducing the recovery time & costs for the organization. 

Building a blockchain network and a consortium to transform supplier on-boarding and maintenance process for enterprises.

As enterprises look to improve communication and relationships with their suppliers, the process of on-boarding and maintenance of suppliers becomes a stumbling block due to fragmented information sources and technological gaps across the stakeholders. Locating quality suppliers and assessing regulatory risks becomes a cumbersome, time consuming process, while there is also a duplication of data when each supplier provides their information to each customer. Learn how we created a blockchain network with confidentiality practices to bring together like-minded companies – buyers, suppliers, auditors, certificate issuers, and other third parties – to form this next-generation blockchain network.

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