One day workshop – identifying the best ways to gain value from blockchain technology

Identifying the best ways to gain value from blockchain technology and its associated decentralized business models can be a challenge for enterprises. Innovative ways of thinking about business and technology architectures must be understood. Existing and planned enterprise models must be re-evaluated to consider if, and when, a move to blockchain makes sense. Opportunity costs and potential new business opportunities must also be identified.

The Chainyard™ Blockchain Executive Workshop provides the knowledge that the business and technology leaders need to understand blockchain and its potential impact on their business. The workshop reviews blockchain concepts and technology as well as a review of emerging business models. A facilitated discussion helps participants to identify potential areas of opportunity for further study.

1. Review of blockchain core concepts and technology
2. Identify opportunities to improve the existing enterprise architecture using blockchain
3. Uncover new business opportunities and threats that arise from blockchain technology
4. Understand how to evaluate blockchain opportunities
5. Understand how to model blockchain use cases

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Chainyard Blockchain Executive Workshop

Leverage Our Capabilities


Develop a comprehensive blockchain strategy to drive value, reduce cost, eliminate friction, avoid pitfalls, and create new revenue models.


We have a plethora of experience designing, developing, and implementing real-world blockchain solutions for some of the largest companies in the world.


We provide clients with a complete view of the blockchain technical operations landscape and work with them to integrate it into their existing operational systems.

consortium Building

Build your blockchain consortium and define appropriate business and technology governance models.

Digital Classroom

Digital Classrooms/Education: A technology major transformed classroom activity management and remote education.

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Digital Customer Experience

Co-developed a transformational PC configuration and management solution for a global PC manufacturer.

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A blockchain-based distributed ledger platform for health insurance benefits and ledger process

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