How Blockchain and Digital Credentials helps to safely reopen the economy in the COVID-19 era?

Places of employment must have a solution to prove that people entering an indoor space have tested negative for COVID-19.

Employees are very concerned that the people they work with are not adhering to COVID-19 safety measures and may be carrying the virus and exposing them and others to it.

Companies need solutions that make them and their employees feel comfortable about restarting work again. These should incorporate continuous health monitoring to validate each employee does not have COVID-19 prior to entering the workplace, and contact tracing to inform and quarantine anyone who may have been in the presence of an infected employee. Solutions must confirm the person‘s identity and verify the person’s location and recent negative test results, while also being quick and easy to present.

This whitepaper is evaluating three technologies Blockchain, digital identity & verifiable credentials and smart phone to create a verifiable credential platform solution to hold and verify any credentials including COVID test report or vaccination report. The employee can prove their COVID-19 status to an employer or other requesting entity by presenting their test credential as a QR Code.

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