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Using the Chainyard Corporate Logo

As you would expect, we protect our corporate logo from being used incorrectly or inappropriately (where it suggests an unofficial endorsement or a commercial relationship). We put together the following information that will help you to use the Chainyard logo correctly.

Downloading the Chainyard Logo

Using the Chainyard Logo

There are two variations of the Chainyard logo, for two separate contexts.

  • One standalone Chainyard logo, for use on light backgrounds.
  • One Chainyard, an IT People Company logo, for use on dark backgrounds.
Chainyard logo
Chainyard and IT People logo

Chainyard Color Scheme

We use several colors in our brand, for various contexts, as described below.

Chainyard Blue

  • Hex: #344055
  • RBG: 52, 64, 85


Used as the background color to our Chainyard with IT People logo. Can also be used as the background for posters, business cards, postcards, etc. Anywhere with large blocks of color and our logo present.

Brandeis Blue

  • Hex: #0075F2
  • RBG: 0, 117, 242


Used as a highlight color for important information. For example, links on a webpage and contact details on a business card. Should be used sparingly as the color is very bright.

Outer Space

  • Hex: #4A4A4A
  • RBG: 74, 74, 74


Used as the font color for all of our text. Pure Black should never be used.

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