This article was originally published on FreightWaves. In 2017, Chainyard partnered with IBM to develop the Trust Your Supplier (TYS) blockchain platform, which launched a couple months ago with 15 participating companies. “[The platform] is providing a trusted source of supplier information to simplify and accelerate supplier onboarding, lifecycle and management,” said Alex Rosen, vice […]

This article was originally published on LinkedIn. Creating a good demand forecasting system is a major challenge because it’s so hard to get trusted data. The difficulty is compounded by suboptimal sales forecasting — another symptom of siloed business data. Good forecasting requires quality analytics, and that’s only possible with access to data from various […]

This article was originally published on Forbes. Blockchain isn’t overhyped, and it’s no longer the utopian dream of a few crypto enthusiasts. A recent Deloitte report surveyed more than 1,300 senior executives from around the world, and 53% identified blockchain as a critical priority for 2019. According to the report, blockchain has finally come of age. It’s evolving […]

This article was originally published on LinkedIn. When a customer returns an unwanted or defective product, it initiates a cascade of events that ripple all along the supply chain. Reverse logistics — keeping track of returned products and the reuse or disposal of their materials — is much more challenging than forward logistics. Reverse logistics […]

11/12 to 11/13, 2019 11/14, 2019 FreightWaves Live was followed up by Blockchain in Transport Alliance (BiTA) member meetup following the conference in Chicago. At the meetup, Chainyard presented Trust Your Supplier in context of supplier digital identify and BiTA standard’s development.

11/11 to 11/15, 2019 Chainyard‘s Gigo Joseph reviewing Trust Your Supplier blockchain solution and governance model at Singapore Fintech Festival. Presentation was well received with great interest from people in understanding more about this network.

This article was originally published on Linux Foundation Hyperledger Blog by Isaac Kunkel. Hyperledger Certifications give experts a professional edge by providing globally recognized evidence of skills mastery, demonstrating ability within a specific topic.  Hyperledger announced the Certified Hyperledger Fabric Administrator (CHFA) designation earlier this year. This certification is earned by professionals who can effectively […]

This article was originally published on Linux Foundation Hyperledger as a press release. First Wave of Hyperledger Certified Service Provides Includes Accenture, Ant Financial, Beijing PeerSafe Technology Co., Chainyard and IBM Hyperledger, an open source collaborative effort created to advance cross-industry blockchain technologies, today announced the launch of its Hyperledger Certified Service Provider (HCSP) program. Members are […]

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – Gitex 2019 In its effort to provide the latest blockchain technology to its clients, Chainyard has signed a memorandum of understanding with Etisalcom, the Bahraini Telecom giant. Etisalcom will be able to provide Chainyard’s expertise and knowhow to its existing clients and customers. About Etisalcom: Etisalcom is a leading information and […]

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