Today, blockchain is driving a paradigm shift in the way businesses are thinking. Blockchain’s potential to transform many processes across most industries has been noticed by enterprise, government, and education leaders across the globe. Gartner predicts that blockchain will generate an annual business value of over US$176 billion by 2025 and in excess of US$3.1 […]

Over the past several years, enterprise blockchain for business has seen noticeable attention from organizations outside of the cryptocurrency community. Gartner predicts that the business value added by blockchain will surge to exceed $3.1 trillion by 2030. In a recent Gartner Press Release nearly 40% of those surveyed globally have blockchain solutions in production. The […]

This article was originally published on  and republished on NASDAQ To everyone’s great frustration, the course of COVID-19 and its enduring economic impacts look unpredictable. As companies rush to aid the COVID-19 response or fight to keep their doors open, they require trust in suppliers and partners and transparency into supply chains and contractual obligations. Luckily, blockchain excels on […]

Real-time insight into a volatile and uncertain supply chain is never simple, and with the challenges of the current global situation, IBM harnessed the Trust Your Supplier blockchain-based identity platform built by Chainyard™ for qualification and identification, in conjunction with its existing Sterling Supply Chain Suite and highly scalable Inventory Visibility microservice to deliver this increased visibility. Have a look here…

This article was originally published at Linkedin The Covid-19 pandemic has caught the entire world by surprise causing widespread destruction in the public health care apparatus including sickness and death, disruption of the economy and the global supply chain, and the everyday way of life of the common individual. No one would have imagined that […]

This article was originally published on American Express Successful company leaders in the 21st century fear becoming obsolete. High-profile examples from the past 30 years drive those fears. As an industry, video rental stores are perhaps the most famous example: People once thought these chains too big to fail, but the industry didn’t foresee mail-order rentals and […]

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